Hey everyone, so I made a new theme and I really like how it turned out, except the fact that it’s too similar to the theme I had exactly one year ago. I tried to make the sidebars and news content different this time so that’s it. Orders are still closed because my vacation is almost over and my internet has been very slow for the past two days, I had a bit of trouble while finishing the coding and the fact that I’m not used to the internet being that slow didn’t help.

++ Orders are closed!!

Hey everyone, I am finally accepting orders and by ‘soon’ I wasn’t planning after a month but plans changed a bit and I had to delay. I made a new layout with the beautiful Lucy Hale which I hope you’ll like. :) Also, now all WordPress themes sidebars can be edited using widgets.
I also need a few affiliates so if you have a design site please apply x
Leaving below my latest designs since this post is too short :D

++ Orders are open!!

Demi Lovato – Coppermine Theme

Nina Dobrev France – Coppermine Theme

Lea Michele Online – Coppermine Theme

Hey everyone, I finally managed to put up a new layout. I really wasn’t planning on making a new one so soon but I got bored by the old one and lately has been snowing a lot and I wanted something winter-ish? I also decided to open the orders for a while because this week I’m gonna be home probably watching movies instead of studying anyway. Back to the layout, I wanted it to be with Taylor Momsen but the pictures I liked weren’t HQ and then I remembered Candice has a lot of pretty pictures so I decided to go for it. I’m also aware no one reads my blog because if I knew someone did I wouldn’t write it lol. Hope you’ll like the new layout!

++ Orders are open!!