Hellow, I finally managed to put up new themes on the site. I usually tend to keep them a long time before changing them and this one was from April so I really needed to make a new one. I also changed the portfolio theme so go check it out. I was planning on making new themes for my fansite first but those didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I thought I’d make new themes for the design site as well.
I am not accepting orders yet, in the weekends I do homework and the rest of the time I’m too tired so I don’t know when I’ll be accepting again, maybe in December.

Orders are closed.

Hey everyone, just wanted to post my latest onliners and let you know orders are open. :) BTW I’ve updated the portfolio, so you can view my latest designs there as well!

Orders are open!!

Ultimate Selena – Advanced WordPress Theme

Demi Lovato – Advanced Coppermine Theme

Ultimate Selena – Advanced WordPress Theme