Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’ll be back in a couple of days with a new layout. Stay tuned!

Hey guys just wanted to post this and apologize I haven’t answered to your emails. I didn’t had access to internet on my last week of vacation and I wasn’t able to close the orders and finish the ones I accepted and after that I started school and I barely had time to take care of my fansite.

I will probably be back in April on spring break. Sorry again

Hey guys, I am finally done with everyone’s orders and I’m not going to accept more because I’m going to take a short break. I know I said I will be taking orders as long as I can but in the following weeks I won’t be able to take any. The exams for the final of the semester are coming and I have to get my grades up. Also I’ve been listening a lot to Taylor Swift and One Direction‘s new albums, they are flawless, you have to get them asap !! LOL, that was random, I know.

Take care, I’m only going to post the new onliners (if I will have any) until I came back, with a new layout hopefully!

EDIT. I removed the affiliates that haven’t posted in months, If you guys are planning to come back let me know and will add you again.

Hi people, I’m back with a new layout for the site and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.
I loved those pictures with Taylor and I decided to make the layout with them, even though at first I wanted a layout with Lucy Hale (:

I am still looking for elite affiliates, you can apply though chat box or e-mail. I also wanted to tell you guys that my mail had some problems and it was hard to respond the e-mails and I might not even received them all so if I didn’t replied to you please send your mail again. xx

Orders are still closed, I haven’t enough time this weekend to open them but I might open them next weekend.

Anyway, please leave you thoughts about the new layout in the chat box xo

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