New theme + Accepting Orders

Hey you guys, I’m back !! As you can see the new layout is up and I am ready to take some orders :D I really missed designing these weeks, the only theme I made was a Christmas theme which you can see in the previous post. I made this theme featuring Vanessa Hudgens for the site, I always thought she is so pretty and I still think so I choose to make this theme with her. I just noticed the site is online since November 2011 and I can’t believe it’s been a year, so thank you everyone for visiting the site <3 Since orders are now open I was thinking to do this promotion, if you order 1 WP & 1 CPM theme you will receive the Icon Sort theme free. So if you order both WP and CPM don’t forget to leave the details for the Icon Sort theme too.

Leave me you thoughts about the new theme in comments and I guess that’s it for now, bye !

Orders are open!!

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  1. Mac says:

    Hey, I used to be your elite but you deleted me, can you please add me back, thanks. :) PS: Nice layout, it’s lovely.